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Posted on 01/17/2021
The Market: Is it Ready for My Investment?
Photo by Edar via Pixabay You’ve been considering an investment in real estate but are you really ready? Putting your money into something you haven’t done your homework on could be detrimental. You may even have all the tools, but are still straddling the fence. How will you know it’s time? Here are a few signs that indicate...
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Posted on 11/15/2020
Common Real Estate Law Issues
Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay Whenever someone is looking to purchase a home, there is always an inherent risk. It is common for buyers and sellers of homes to look for the best deal possible; however, it is also possible that issues might arise after a home has already closed. When looking to buy or...
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Posted on 12/22/2019
Why You Should Proceed With Caution In A Short Sale
Short sale properties can be desirable to first-time buyers. The name alone sounds great. Who doesn’t want a “short” sale period to buy a home? The term is deceiving from the start. Short sales are anything but short. If you decide to make an offer on a short sale property, and it’s accepted, you may ask your real estate...
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Posted on 11/24/2019
Invest in Florida Real Estate Now for These Reasons
Last year, Florida was home to 16 of the United States’ 100 fastest growing counties. Since it’s already the 4th largest state by population, it’s no easy feat to maintain that kind of growth. However, with year-round sunshine and warm weather, over 3,000 miles of coastline, and endless attractions, it’s hard to compete with the state of Florida. But,...
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Posted on 10/20/2019
Tips to Price your Home
Are you unsure of how to price your home before putting it up for sale? Do not forget that the value of your home depends majorly on its appearance and amenities. Therefore, you can improve the look of your home by carrying out thorough cleaning, sprucing up the lawn, getting rid of things that take up space unnecessarily,...
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